Before the Creation of the Universe

  • In a "time" before time as we understand it began, the Disciples of Light rise up against a massive, horned Beast and, in his own words, "chain him to the Pit for all eternity". While it is unclear exactly what this means, after the universe comes into existence the Beast is trapped at the core of a planet named Krop Tor in close orbit around a black hole, a prison that he cannot escape without be pulled into the black hole. Also after the crossover, the Beast is able to spread some influence across the universe, causing many civilizations to develop horned demons and devils as part of their religions, including Satan and Lucifer on Earth..


  • The universe is created when the time-travel-capable Terminus space-station visits the beginning of time and is forced to eject some of its unstable fuel, causing a massive explosion to become known as the Big Bang. Terminus is thrown forward through time billions of years and comes to rest in the center of the Universe. An anti-matter universe is also created, which will co-exist with the original for all time. Also formed in the explosion are two ultimate forces of Good and Evil; the Evil force will become the being dubbed Fenric by the Vikings. It is possible that the Doctor is present to witness the Big Bang. Moments after the universe's creation, the Shadow is placed at the beginning of time by the Black Guardian to await the existence of the Key to Time. During the first few microseconds (the Leptonic or Quark-Lepton Era), Helium 2, which is not able to exist after this point, is produced. Some time after the event, electrons and protons combine into hydrogen, one of the basic building blocks on the Universe.
  • The early history of the Universe sees the development of the Carrionites, a race able to manipulate reality uses words the way other races use mathematics. They are banished from reality by the Eternals.

4,600,000,000 BCEEdit

During the period in the Universe's history known as "The Dark Times"

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